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Alexandre Frangioni

For over 16 years, I have dedicated my artistic practice to analyzing the social & political phenomena of the relationship between memory, time, and economic values, in contemporary societies. The densest investigations originated in  Brazil, my land of origin, and its historical economic scenario.

The challenge of translating my thoughts into art led me to extensively research new materials, such as 3D-printed technology in the Exodus series. Piggy banks and charging bulls symbols propose new ways of perception regarding financial stability and the possible risks caused by the capitalist culture. Other proposals series the spectator notice symbolic objects and direct images, easy to identify, the case of Safe and Made in China series.

My intention of conceptual explorations as a self-taught artist is to guide you to a vivid past or present society through artworks with a contrasting artistic language.

An artistic manifestation with an inspiring story.

It narrates a fusion of modern technology and art from an artist’s unique point of view. We are clear this storybook is not only a vehicle to promote artwork. It is also a contribution of cultural value to society, an instrument to expand the impressions of an artist who observes history, analyzing society with his vision of the world’s evolution. Within the context of culture, we intend to empower other generations by donating copies of this volume to libraries, art institutions, and museums in communities within our reach.

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Essay by Christian Viveros-Fauné

Art critic, Brooklyn, USA

Essay in English   •    Texto em Português    •    Texto en Español

Few pages sample !


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One Art Story showcases three series Exodus, Safe & QR Series,
specific body of artworks by the artist.
Discover an array of provocative works from more series dealing with social history, political & economic matters.
Find out more about Frangioni’s life & work on his site.